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My Finally Finished St. Patrick’s Day Table Decorations!

on March 13, 2012

I have shown bits and pieces of my table centerpiece as I have been making it, but now everything has come together and it is finally done!

So here is how it went.  I used some brown burlap to make a table runner.  It was a yard long and then I just cut it to the width that looked best on my dining room table.  Burlap is nice because I didn’t have to sew anything.  I actually pulled strings around the edges to give it a frayed rustic look.  Then I took some wide green ribbon just a hair shorter than the burlap and glued it right down the middle of the burlap.  That was my easy runner.

In the center of the runner, I put my Shamrock Bouquet, my Leprechaun Spirits, some chocolate gold coins, and some potatoes.  And then I was done.

Happy Crafting and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


One response to “My Finally Finished St. Patrick’s Day Table Decorations!

  1. Hi there! I love your simple tablescape! Actually, I am not good in table decorating as I always call my mom when doing this stuff. But upon seeing your wonderful table decor, you inspired a lot. I’ll try decorating our Easter table on my own and I’ll be visiting your blog for more great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

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