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Are You Ready to Vote?

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Today is the Christmas Eve of politics.  Last minute rushing around in a push to get things ready for the big day.  I haven’t been particularly vocal on here about  my politics which when looking back seems quite strange.  I am not too shy about sharing my political beliefs.  If you follow me on twitter or have ever caught my twitter updates on the sidebar here you may have seen just how vocal I can get.  But this post isn’t about my political views per se (Who am I kidding…they are bound to come out.  Let’s see if you can figure out my leanings) but about voting in general and reminding you — well my fellow Americans anyways — to get out tomorrow and vote!

As I was thinking about this post I couldn’t help but remember back to the elections in which I have previously voted.  This will be my third presidential election and I am quite amazed how different you can feel about each one.  I missed being able to vote in the 2000 election by just a couple of months so my inaugural voting experience came in 2004.  I was a senior in college and full of new-found political information and ideas.  Unfortunately, I was quite underwhelmed by both candidates.  I didn’t really stand behind the candidate of my party but, quite frankly I would have voted for a monkey over George Bush (I bet you just figured it out).  So, the first vote I ever cast for a president was for John Kerry.  A sad way to start I agree.  And then comes 2008.  It is amazing the difference four years can make.  This go around, I was just entering my third year of marriage and I now had a tiny little 3 month old baby boy.  Let me tell you how much a baby changes your way of thinking.  Not exactly how you feel about things, but suddenly the decision you make is not for you or anyone else but for them.  Which candidate will make the world a better place for my baby.

This may be the number one reason I vote the way I do. Photo Credit

Luckily for me, this time I also found a candidate that I really wanted to stand behind.  Now, its election time again (good lord where does time go?) and am still fully behind our president.  I truly believe that he provides the path that will make our country a better place for my kids.

Here’s the thing though.  I didn’t write this to try to change anyone’s mind — although if you still consider yourself undecided I would be happy to have a discussion with you as to why I think that President Obama is the vastly superior candidate and why I hope that Mitt Romney never has the chance to roll us back to the 1950’s or take control of my health decisions.  I wrote this to tell you to make sure to get out and vote for whomever.  Voting is one of those things you just need to do.  It is one of the things that makes our country great and how we can be a part of the change we want to see.  I know my four-year old and not quite two-year old will be getting a little lesson on the importance of voting tomorrow just as they will every four years until they are old enough to finally get out and make their own decisions.  I am super excited about tomorrow and can’t wait to see how things turn out.

Happy Voting!