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Shamrock Bouquet!

on March 13, 2012

This is the first time in a long time that St. Patrick’s Day has fallen on a Saturday and I wanted to do something fun and have family and friends over for dinner and hanging out.  I am serving up a bounty of Irish food…shepard’s pie, corn beef, colcannon, and Irish soda bread.  To go with the food and good company, I wanted to make a cute little centerpiece that would put everyone in the Irish spirit and I thought a great way to start this would be a shamrock bouquet.  I am really happy with the result though it sort of took on a life of its own and took longer to finish up than I anticipated.  I kept re-doing and tweaking until it was just the way I wanted.

I sort of collected things over the past month that I found on sale or that weren’t too expensive to do mine, so if you can’t find exactly the same stuff, don’t worry…get creative.

What you need:

  • Various green toned scrapbook paper
  • Ribbon in greens, orange, and white
  • St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook stickers
  • 12 in. wooden dowel rods
  • Green and/or black paint and paintbrushes
  • Green, gold, and orange glitter
  • glue pen
  • Any other sort of Irish inspired small decoration you can glue on a stick
  • Glass beads…white and/or green
  • A glass vase
  • Styrofoam plant ball

First of all, you should paint your dowel rods whatever color you want them to be.  I bought a package of pre-cut 12 inch rods at my Hobby Lobby, but if you can’t find this you can always buy long ones and cut them down to size.  I painted mine a couple different shades of green and a couple black ones too.

Next fold your scrapbook paper in half with the colored side on the inside.  Then you can trace any sort of shamrock shape you have on the paper.  I used a cookie cutter, a pre-cut foam shamrock, and a wooden clover shape to trace around, but you could always go on the internet and find shapes there to cut out and trace around.  After you are done tracing, cut out the shapes making sure that you keep the two that cut out at the same time together.

After you have all of your shamrocks cut out and the paint on your dowel rods is dry, you can start gluing the shamrocks together with the dowel rod in between them.  They aren’t going to fit together completely perfectly because of the rod, but if you use a little finesse they will look good.  And any white on the edges can be trimmed off later.


After the these are dry (now you are starting to see why this project took longer), I used a glue pen to draw an outline around the edges and then used glitter to make them pop.  Make sure you let the first side dry before you glitter the other side.  I tried to do some designs in the middle of some of the shamrocks, but the best looking ones were the ones where I just outlined the edges.

To add a little variety to the bouquet, I took some St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook stickers, put them on some brown card stock, cut them out and outlined them with glitter and stuck them on dowel rods too.  I also had some wooden pots of gold and leprechaun hats from a wreath I found in the dollar section of Target and so I took a couple of these and glued them to dowel rods as well.  I sparkled them up a bit too.  I may never get the glitter out of my house.

these used to be wreaths that I found in the dollar spot at target. 

glittered up and ready to go.

I tried a variety of glass vases I had around the house, but none seemed to give me what I was looking for.  Finally I decided something shallower and with a wide opening was what I needed.  I found a glass bowl at Hobby Lobby (thankfully half off.) and was finally feeling like this project was going in the right direction.  With a bowl I was able to spread the shamrocks out more. I used floral Styrofoam in the bottom of the bowl and stuck the dowel rods down into this.  These rods had started out at 12 inches but I am pretty sure they finished at about 6.  I then covered the Styrofoam and filled the bowl with a mixture of green and white glass beads.  Finally I added some fake little white flowers to help cover up the sticks a little because I didn’t like it when so much was showing.  I ended up not using any ribbon for embellishment because with a bowl it just didn’t seem to need it.  And this is the end product.  It may be a little hokey, but it puts me in the spirit of Ireland and that is what I was going for.

Happy Crafting


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