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On Turning 30…

on January 9, 2013

About a week and a half ago, I found myself facing a milestone birthday.  I am now………30.  There I have spoken it (well written it) aloud so there is no going back.  The truth is, this birthday has really sort of freaked me out.  I am well aware of how ridiculous it sounds.  I mean it’s 30 not 90, but still, I was dreading it — a lot.  So much has happened during the last decade of my life.  It started only 2 weeks after I turned 20 when I hopped on a plane to Ireland and spent 5 months “studying” (I use the term loosely) abroad and seeing new parts of the world.  After that I came home, finished college, moved from West Virginia back to Colorado, met an amazing man, married said amazing man, started graduate school, had baby #1, finished grad school, had baby #2…  So many great things happened and I guess it has just been hard to let go.

Here’s the thing though, had I written this before my birthday, there would have been a lot more doom and gloom and ridiculousness.  Lucky for me, I realized 2 very important things on my birthday.  It is funny how those moments come to you…epiphany like sometimes.  Granted there is nothing ground-breaking or world-changing about my realizations, but definitely something I need to remind myself about every so often.  As I was laying in bed that morning, I could hear my husband and kids making breakfast for me.  There was laughing and screeching and dogs barking and things being banged around and it struck me.  First, it doesn’t matter what 30 brings…whether it is as exciting as my 20’s or not…because I will be spending it with them — my husband and kids here in Mommyland.  Whatever happens will be better or more bearable because I have them in my life.  Pretty simple.

And second, it’s really up to me to decide just how exciting and fulfilling the next 10 years will be.  Again, duh, right?  All of the stuff that made my 20’s so great didn’t just magically happen.  I mean there may have been some magic involved in a couple of them, but mostly it was me, choosing and following a path.  So, I guess that is what I keep doing, choosing paths only now with 10 more years worth of knowledge.

I am still having a little trouble with the fact that I now have to check the 30-35 box, but life goes on and as long as I keep reminding myself just how lucky I am, I suppose I will muddle through 🙂


6 responses to “On Turning 30…

  1. Tracy says:

    Welcome to 30 land. 🙂 You weren’t too far behind me. Personally, I am really excited for 30 because it will bring my first little one (in 9 weeks!!!) and hopefully more exciting changes in my life. 🙂 Trust me, after working with 60-100 year olds we are yet babies!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You are so dang YOUNG! Thirty is the “start” of some great stuff in life, including the lack of pressure to be 20-something. Make a list as soon as you can of things you want to do, dream of doing, would like to have, places you want to go, etc, and post it, because when you get down and draggy, you’ll have a concrete reminder that there’s a ton of stuff out there to experience.

    It’s okay to realize time’s passing, but it’s not “passing you by” either.

    • Katie says:

      Thanks Elizabeth! Those are definitely great words. I have my bucket list posted here on the blog and that is great advice to take a look at it when you start feeling in a rut. I will definitely do that.

  3. cristinacole23 says:

    Great post!!! Ii also turned 30 just this past December. Uplifting read 🙂

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