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Another New Christmas Tradition

on December 10, 2012

This year we have started a couple new Christmas traditions in our house.  It really seems like the perfect time because the kids are at an age where they are still young enough to enjoy the magic of Christmas but old enough to understand everything going on and to participate in things.  Besides the Elf on the Shelf (he has been so fun…more to come on him later), we have also started a new kind of advent calendar.  I have to give credit for the concept to the many posts on Pinterest and am so glad to have come across them.  This calendar is so much more fun than opening a little door  for a piece of chocolate.  And, there are so many variations out there.  You can do a new Christmas book everyday, a little trinket/treat everyday, or what I opted for, a different activity every day.

advent calendar

It was pretty easy to put this together and though we missed the first couple days because life got pretty busy, we have still been enjoying the fun and family time so far.

It isn’t too late to get started and do this for your family.  There are still 15 days until Christmas which is plenty of time for fun activities and quality family time!

What you need:

  • 13 sheets of Christmas scrapbook paper (I got 2 envelopes out of each sheet)
  • 1 sheet of white cardstock
  • Red and green markers
  • Glue Stick
  • About a yard of Christmas ribbon
  • Small clothes pins
  • Ideas for Christmas family activities

First, I made 25 little envelopes out of the scrapbook paper.  You could use regular size envelopes I just wanted something more colorful and smaller so this is route I went.  The envelopes were actually pretty easy to make.  It’s amazing really, you can turn a heart shape into an envelope really quickly.  Here is the tutorial I followed.  Once my envelopes were all folded, I cut out 25 small circles from the white card stock and wrote the dates from 1-25 on them with the red and green markers.  Then, I just glued them on the front of each envelope.  After the glue is dry, add the little notes with your activities on them (handwritten or typed)  into the envelopes and seal with a sticker or tape.

advent calendar 2

Next string the ribbon wherever you want in your house (we started out lower but the kids wouldn’t leave it alone so we ended up putting the ribbon up higher where they couldn’t reach it.).  After the ribbon is secure, use the small clothespins to pin the envelopes evenly down the ribbon.  Now you are ready to go.  Just open one each morning and create some fun family memories.

Our fun pictures for the Christmas card

Our fun pictures for the Christmas card

Here are the activities we have done or plan to do for the rest of the month.  Some of these are new things to try and some are things we would have done anyways but now have become an event.  Just remember that these are activities I have tailored to my family(my kids are still pretty young so our activities are mostly centered around fun things for them) and you should have fun making your own list for your family.  AND, just to reiterate…it isn’t too late.  Don’t talk yourself out of this saying you have already missed 10 days…there are still 15 days left!

  1. Take a fun photo for our Christmas card
  2. Write letters to Santa
  3. Color Christmas pictures to put in some of the Christmas cards (like the ones to grandma and grandpa and other close relatives)
  4. Get the house ready for Christmas (cleaning and decorating) while listening to Christmas music
  5. Go to the mall and sit on Santa’s lap
  6. Christmas extravaganza at the Pioneers Museum (A local activity that we actually missed because we were out of town)
  7. Take the kids shopping to pick out gifts for each other and mommy and daddy
  8. Fancy dress dinner with french toast and hot chocolate
  9. Christmas craft day
  10. Decorate a gingerbread house
  11. Movie night with a new Christmas movie
  12. Campout in front of the Christmas Tree
  13. Go shopping and let the kids pick out a gift to donate to a local charity
  14. Make cinnimon ornaments for the Christmas tree
  15. Family game night with hot chocolate
  16. Make lots of snowflakes to put around the house
  17. Christmas baking and make sure we take some to the neighbors and grandma
  18. Make ornaments out of birdseed to hang up outside
  19. Load up in the car in our Pajamas with hot chocolate to drive around and look at Christmas lights
  20. Get a new Christmas book and have daddy read it to everyone
  21. Christmas pajama dance party with loud Christmas music
  22. Make frozen hot chocolate for dessert
  23. More baking (it requires 2 days in our house)
  24. Get pizza and go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for family time and presents (this is a tradition for my husband’s family)
  25. Christmas day!  Enjoy your new things and remember to be so very thankful for what you have and most importantly your family who loves you so much!

What are your favorite holiday traditions??

Merry Christmas!


2 responses to “Another New Christmas Tradition

  1. Home Seasons says:

    Love the idea of advent calendars! Not a lot of people have one these days, but they’re so fun!

    • Katie says:

      Thanks! We are having a lot of fun with it so far. Our activity yesterday was to all get dressed up fancy and we had stuffed french toast and hot chocolate for dinner while listening to Christmas music. I love that we are creating events everyday for the kids. Thanks for stopping by!

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