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on August 1, 2012

I came across this interview with Maeve Binchy from a fellow blogger the other day and thought I would share.


Since beginning my author interviews a few months back, I’ve been paying special attention to other readers, listening for the names of their favorite writers in an attempt to be sure the interviews don’t become confined solely to my own personal tastes. As I’ve listened, the name that I’ve heard more than any other is probably Maeve Binchy. As it so happens, I am also a fan of Maeve’s work, so I decided she’d be a pretty dang good guest for my blog.

I contacted Maeve a few weeks ago (or more accurately, I contacted Christine Green, Maeve’s literary agent) and enquired about an interview. Christine told me she’d talk to Maeve, and within a few days, we got the ball rolling. This quick response was especially impressive to me because I am in the United States, Maeve is in Ireland, and Christine is also in the U.K. Gotta love the internet!

Maeve Binchy is…

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