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A Return to Mommyland and Reality

on June 14, 2012

It is so easy to forget about the real world and adult obligations and responsibilities while you are on vacation.  Budgets are forgotten, sleep is found only when absolutely necessary, kids are allowed liberties they wouldn’t normally be at home.  And that is just from visiting family in a tiny town in West Virginia.  But now we are home and reality has come to smack us in the face.  No easy and seamless transition back to daily life here.  My daughter is now for some reason terrified of our two yellow labs, Connor is still on WV time which means 5:30 wake up times, and I am trying to cook with half of a couch in the middle of my kitchen.  I am about ready to pack up the car and head out to anywhere else again.

I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if a minor apocalypse hadn’t hit parts random pockets of Colorado Springs last week.  Imagine my surprise last Wednesday, when I get a call from my husband saying that our basement is flooded and could I please call my Aunt and Uncle to see if they could come help get stuff out of the basement and rip the carpet out.  The powers that be are calling it a hundred years flood.  I call it a major pain in the ass and a strain on already tight resources.  There wasn’t much I could do then as there were 5 states separating us, but now I am home and there is much to do so that eventually we can actually get back to normal.

All those years as a teenager spent wishing for independence and adulthood…I take it back!

I had hoped to return to a normal schedule of blogging when I got home but it looks like it may be a couple more weeks before that happens.  Sporadic posts will probably be the name of the game at least until we can get carpet back into the basement which would then mean the removal of half of a couch from my kitchen and ALL of the kids toys from our living room/dining room and more than 6 square feet of space to live in.  Hope all of you have had a less eventful few weeks and continue to do so.


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