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Traveling with Kids…Where Do I Start?

on May 7, 2012

Welcome to Travel Week here at mommyland.  Our vacation is fast approaching and in between frantic preparation and panic, I decided I wanted to share some travel tips and activities here on the blog.  Honestly, I am looking forward to spending a couple hours of the day writing on here…it will give me a little break from panic mode.

When thinking about how to organize my posts for the upcoming week, I was torn between a lot of smaller posts or a few larger ones and I think that I have decided it will be a mix of the two.  At the end of the week, I will have a wrap up post with a list of all the tips and activities from this week and links to each article.  Hope you find something useful for your next trip and please feel free to share any tips, tricks or activities you may have in the comments.

It Starts With Containment

As I was looking for activities to keep the kids busy on a roadtrip, I realized that what I really needed was a place to keep all of these activities I was planning on having for the kids.  I have found that organization is really key on these long trips (more organizing tips to come in a future post).  When looking around, I saw various ideas on how to keep things contained that ranged from plastic crates to backpacks.  All of these ideas were good and I considered each of them before I randomly came across the answer I needed.  I was at the dollar store looking for some other things, when I saw reusable bags with Disney Cars and Fairies on them.  These were some heavy duty bags (better than I would have expected to find at the dollar store), they came with a large size and a smaller bag as well, and the price was right.

As we are going to be a bit tight on space, everything (games, toys, activities, etc…) has to fit into the big bag.  If it doesn’t fit…it doesn’t go (at least not up front anyways).  The small bags are for snacks.  This way the kids have there own bags and when they want a snack, they have their own bag to choose from and can’t argue over who is getting more of a certain thing.  Granted my one year old can only say about 5 words so her arguing skills are limited, but they certainly know how to get on each others nerves and I figured it was good to start early.

So, the moral of this story, whatever method you choose ( I don’t think there is a right or a wrong.  Just a whatever works for you, your kids, and your trip), containment is key and I think the best place to start.  This way, you and your kids know right from the start how much space there is for their stuff in the car


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