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Book List for the 1916 Easter Uprising

on April 26, 2012

So here is my annotated bibliography if you will, for my last post on the Easter Uprising.  I have read all of these and added a blurb about some of my favorites.  If you want to read more about the Uprising and/or the people involved, hopefully this list will give you a starting point.

1.)  Poems of the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood edited by Padraic Colum and Edward J. O’Brien

This book is fun to read because it is the poetry of Padraic Pearse, Joseph Plunkett, and Thomas MacDonagh.  They were definitely writing their poetry to try and inspire nationalism among the Irish people.

2.)  1916: The Easter Rising by Tim Pat Coogan

Tim Pat Coogan is a noted Irish historian and this book gives a great in-depth look at everything from the events leading up to the Uprising, to the actual fighting, to the aftermath and executions of the leaders.  If you want a good overview of the Easter Uprising this is a great book to pick up.

3.)  Agony at Easter: The 1916 Uprising by Thomas M. Coffey

4.)  The Easter Rebellion: Dublin 1916 by Max Caulfield

5.)  On the Easter Proclamation and Other Declarations by Liam De Paor

The Easter Proclamation is the equivalent of the American Declaration of independence and this book does a great job of breaking it down and looking at the document in comparison to other similar declarations.

6.)  James Connolly: Selected Writings edited by P. Beresford Ellis

7.)  The Irish Times Book of the 1916 Rising edited by Shane Hegarty and Fintan O’Tool

This book offers a great pictorial look at the 1916 Uprising with clips from the Irish Times and other sources.

8.)  The Irish Rebellion of 1916 and its Martyrs: Erin’s Tragic Easter by Maurice Joy

9.)  Patrick Pearse and the Politics of Redemption: The Mind of the Easter Rising, 1916 by Sean Farrell Moran

10.)  Last Words:  Letters and Statements of the Leaders Executed After the Rising at Easter 1916 edited by Piaras F. Mac Lochlainn

This was my favorite book to read during my research on this topic.  It is exactly what the title says; the last letters and statements of the leaders of the Uprising written from their cells shortly before their executions.  It contains something from every one of the seven leaders and what was written was truly touching and inspiring.

11.)  Grace Gifford Plunkett and Irish Freedom: Tragic Bride of 1916 by Marie O’Neill

This book details the relationship between Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford who provided the love story of the rebellion.  It is a an interesting read and gives a different look at the Uprising.  It gives the perspective of how the actions of the leaders affected their friends and family.

12.)  Thomas MacDonagh: The Man, the Patriot, the Writer by Edd Winfield Parks and Aileen Wells Parks

13.)  The 1916 Poets by Desmond Ryan

14.)  Supreme Sacrifice: The Story of Eamonn Ceannt, 1881-1916 by William Henr

I really enjoyed this book because it really shows how the men leading the rebellion were just ordinary people who believed in a cause and were willing to sacrifice their lives for it.  After I read this book I saw Eamonn Ceannt in a whole different light.  He was a husband and a father trying to provide for his family and also trying to change his country for the better.

15.)  The Imagination of an Insurrection: A Study of an Ideological Movement by William Irwin Thompson


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