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goodreads…A Fun Place for Book Lovers!

on April 18, 2012

As I was getting things together to start my RITA reading challenge, I decided that I wanted to incorporate goodreads to help with reviews and in keeping track of everything I was reading.  Of course in deciding this, I realized that not everybody might be familiar with it so maybe I should give a little introduction.

I came across goodreads a few years back and while I signed up for it, I didn’t really start using until just the past six months or so.  goodreads is a social media outlet for book lovers.  You might be thinking, oh right, just what we all need…more social media.  Well, this one is a little different.  My Facebook friends list and my goodreads friends list don’t have a lot in common.  I enjoy the social aspect of this because all the people on here are people who are bibliophiles like myself.  We all share a passion and love for books.

While I enjoy the social aspect, I actually use it for more practical/organizational reasons.  I love having a place to log what I have read and what I thought about it.  I keep a book journal too, but I reserve that more for the books I really enjoyed because of space.  With goodreads, I can log as many books as I want good or bad.  And then, based on what and how I rate, goodreads generates a recommended reading list.  I do like this feature and have found several new books from here.

However, what I most enjoy about goodreads is its mobile app.  This has become a go to place for me when I am in a book store.  I used to have a list of books I had heard good things about and wanted to read, but I never seemed to have this with me when I was in a store.  So then it just became a game of hit and miss.  Does the blurb on the back sound interesting?  Have I heard of the author before?  How do the first few pages read?  But, with the goodreads app on my phone, I can read real people reviews of books I am considering buying and by adding books I want to read to my “To Read” list, I always have my list with me when I am in a store.  No more guessing games…or less of them anyways.

For my RITA challenge I will be using goodreads quite a bit.

This is my profile you know you have found me.

I have added all books in the category I am reading at the moment to my “Currently Reading”list.  You all can see this list on the widget on the right side toolbar on my blog page.  I will leave all the books up on this list until I have finished them all and then I will put up the new list.  In addition to this, I will write reviews for the individual books on there while doing only a large category review on here.  I thought it would be a good way to mix a couple of the things I love.

Feel free to friend me on there that way I can see what you are reading too!

Happy Reading!


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