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Checking In: Easter Goal Met!

on April 9, 2012

It was the beginning of February when I decided that life needed to change and that I needed to move losing weight to the top of my to do list.  It took me a few weeks to really get going, but once I did, I realized that smaller goals in addition to my larger goal would help keep me going and give me things to strive towards along the way.  I even put reminders in my iphone to pop up on specific days asking me if I met my goal.

The first goal I set was to lose 15 pounds by Easter.  And yesterday, I was ecstatic when I got on the scale and had achieved this goal.  At 324, I am down 16 pounds.  It has seemed a little slow going at times, and I have found myself wondering if I am doing enough more than a few times .  Luckily at those times, I have my husband to remind me that we aren’t on the Biggest Loser and 10+ pounds a weeks isn’t really realistic.    So I keep going, proud of every pound that comes off.

My next goal is to lose 25 more pounds –down to 300–by the middle of May when I am making a trip back to WV to visit my family.  This goal may be a little out of reach…losing 5 pounds a week for the next 5 weeks…but, I will keep working towards it anyways and try to remember to be happy with the pounds that do come off.


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