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Craft Time: Weekly Menu Planner

on April 6, 2012

Well I am finally back.  I think that my brain took a little hiatus after Family History week last week…which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way and hope you did as well.

So, six years ago I thought nothing of planning meals only a day ahead and going to the grocery store every day.  Fast forward and enter two small children…today, the thought of going to the grocery store with the kids makes me break out in hives and gives me a nervous twitch.  Yes, it is in fact that bad.  So, a couple of years ago, I learned the value of weekly meal planning and only one trip a week to the grocery store.  I have tried lots of variations to help keep me on track, but the one I am about to share with you here is by far my favorite.  It is cute and functional and prominent enough that my husband cannot say “I wish you would have told me what we were having for dinner tonight because that is what I went out and had for lunch today” any more.

What you need:

  • Picture frame of some sort…I have seen them made with an 8×10 or you can find a collage one like mine with 7 or 8 openings.
  • Scrapbook paper in various patterns
  • Letter stickers…I used bigger two different sizes.  One package of bigger ones for the words “This Weeks Menu” and two packs of smaller ones for the days of the week.
  • Dry erase markers
  • Scissors

First, I used one of the fake family pictures that came with the frame as a template and traced 8 rectangles…I had three sheets of scrapbook paper so I did 3 on one, 3 on another, and 2 on the last.  *Tip: when you are picking out paper, make sure they look good next to each other and try to find some that don’t have too busy of a pattern otherwise it will be hard to read what you write on the glass.

Next, put on the stickers.  Tip: don’t put your stickers too close to the top of the paper or they will end up behind the frame.  Also, if you are using a collage frame plan out which paper is going in which frame before you start putting your letter stickers on that way you don’t waste time and paper because you didn’t turn them the way they needed to be.

Finally, put your paper in the frames and now you are ready to plan your meals for the week.  Obviously I did this a few weeks back right before St. Patrick’s Day.

I thought I would share some other tricks I have learned to help make meal planning easier.  The one thing I have found that makes planning meals for a week or two in advance easier is to have a list of meals to choose from.  That way you aren’t sitting around thinking about what to make and getting mad at your husband whose only replay to your question of “what sounds good for dinner this week?” is “I don’t care, whatever.” I may have some experience with this conversation 🙂

When I first started my quest for better meal planning, I used an index card binder (a three ring binder sized for index cards) and would write a meal on one side of the card and what I needed from the store on the other side.  This let me be able to flip through and pick out what sounded good and then I could quickly make a grocery list without the worry of forgetting something important thereby necessitating the dreaded extra trip to the grocery store.  Today, I use an app on my ipad called Paprika.  I really LOVE this app.  It basically does the same thing as the index binder, but after you pick out your week’s worth of meals, it auto generates a grocery list based on your ingredients.  I also keep a folder full of recipes from magazines or online and use this and what I have saved on pinterest to help add something new to our old reliable recipes every week.  Both the index card binder and Paprika have made my life a little easier and I hope they can for you too.

Happy Crafting and Cooking!


2 responses to “Craft Time: Weekly Menu Planner

  1. I reblogged this at and I love this idea…I’m going to make this and hang it in my kitchen! Thanks for sharing.

    • Katie says:

      This is super easy to make. I think it took me a total of like 30 minutes to put it all together. And, I love it! It really has made food planning a little easier. You just have to think about once and then you can sort of go on auto-pilot and be like “oh yeah, that is what I am making tonight”. Good Luck with yours!

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