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A Fun Family Tree Craft for the Kids

on March 31, 2012

The Boy Child and I had a great time putting this craft together.  He has a blast painting and it was a really good chance to talk about our family too.  And now that it is done, he loves to look at and point out which leaf is mommy or daddy or grandpa or grandma.


What you need:

  • Posterboard or foamcore board…something on which to paint.  I opted for a large piece of foamcore because I have found with little kids, bigger is usually better.
  • Paint…greens, blues, and browns
  • Scrapbook paper in various shades of green
  • Twigs
  • Scissors and glue
  • Black marker

To start out, I drew a really loose outline of a tree and grass just to give him a place to start.  Then I squirted some paint onto a tray and let him go to town.  I did stick to one color at a time just to avoid a blobby brown mess.  To give him a few more options, I put out a couple of shades of each color though.

“Noodle” had a blast painting…yes it is a bit messy, but worth it.  It was great watching him screw his face up in concentration.

He decided the tree needed some little broccoli tree sprouts on top.

While the paint is drying, depending on the age of your child, either you or them can cut out the leaf shapes from the scrapbook paper.  I just found a really simple leaf template online and used that to trace what I needed.  One little hint…don’t get too dark of a shade or green or something too busy other wise it won’t be as easy to read the names.  Once all the leaves were cut out, I let Connor pick out which one he wanted for each person.  We used 14 leaves all together.  I put his and Lily’s name on the trunk as a place to branch from.

The next part is more for you to do.  Take the twigs and arrange them on the board to make the branches of the family.  Two for mommy and daddy and then two coming off each of those and then two more coming off of those.  We went back to great-grandparents because Connor and Lily are lucky enough to still have 3 of their living.  You can go as far back as you want.  If you are going further back, I would say make the leaves smaller though.  It gets crowded fast.

After the twigs are glued on, glue the leaves on and there is your family tree!


Happy Crafting!


4 responses to “A Fun Family Tree Craft for the Kids

  1. It’s school holidays here in Aussie and I will be my two nieces are staying over tomorrow. I know my sister-in-law started her family tree research just a couple of weeks ago so this looks like a great activity to start with them and they can finish it with their Mum when they return home. They love craft and I was wondering what I could do with them. Thanks Katie. I love your ideas.

  2. Katie says:

    So glad you like the idea. I have found crafts to be great thing to occupy my son…so he can spend less time coloring on the walls. I hope everything goes well when you are making it. Let me know how it turns out.

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