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Why Personal History? Who Cares?

on March 26, 2012

So it was pretty early on in my college days that I realized a degree in history was fairly useless.  But, did I let that deter me from continuing on?  Of course not.  Not only did I stay on track and graduate with my history major, but I even took the next step and went to Grad school to get a Master’s degree in it.  I just kept thinking, there has to be something out there.  I really wanted (and still sort of do) to work in a museum.  I did an internship in the archives of one as an undergrad and let me just say, I am quite well suited to dark dungeonous archives.  Well, suffice it to say, there aren’t a lot of job opportunities in the museum field at the moment and I don’t live in Washington D.C..  So, with this in my head, I started thinking of other options for myself who at this point now had an infant at home.

And this is when Your Legacy Creations was born.

I had obviously heard of and had even done a couple of oral histories with people and the thought of turning this into a business from home was very intriguing.  So I started doing research on it (this is what I do best as a historian) and I found that there were people out there doing this sort of thing and making money at it.  So I started putting things together and got my husband to design a website for me…he is very handy with a computer.  And that is sort of where I am at the moment.  I haven’t had any real clients, but I am also working on putting together some DIY personal history toolkits to sell on Etsy and even more fun, I have been working a great deal with my grandma on hers and our family history and I find that I am so excited that I found this new passion.

When I tell people about this, a lot of the time they are like “I have had a boring life.  No one wants to hear my story.”  And let me tell you…those people are wrong!  I have found out so many new stories from my grandma that she thought were boring or didn’t matter and I love them.  It is so fun to hear what she went through.  The other day, we were in her kitchen eating lunch and got on the subject of her brother who was killed in WWII.  She was talking about how he was killed and what it was like when they were notified and she was tearing up and I just kept thinking, I am so lucky to get to talk to her about this stuff.

My grandma is 78 years old and I know that she isn’t going to be around forever.  I want her legacy to live on in me and in my children.  So this is why I advocate personal history and family history and genealogy…because it is important to know who you came from and where you came from.  And the beauty of it is, there are so many ways to share it.  This was what astonished me when I started researching.  There is oral history, family history books, family cookbooks, genealogy research, diaries, or journals just to name a few.  So I say to you, get out there and start recording your personal and family history for future generations.  Trust me, they do care and want to know.


One response to “Why Personal History? Who Cares?

  1. My degree is in Art History, which narrows down the career field even more than just History. 🙂

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