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Upcoming Family History Week

on March 23, 2012

So looking back over my posts, I realized that I haven’t really shown too much of my historical side, so I thought I would dedicate next week to family history.  I have been living in the past most of my adult life, but my passion for family and personal history is a recent development.  Besides loving it, I also love to share it and so I am really looking forward to what I have set up for next week.  Here is a little preview.

  • Why Personal History?
  • Craft: Family History Journal Jars
  • Recipe:  Banana Bread (a family recipe to share with you)
  • Why Genealogy is important and how to get started
  • Craft:  Family Tree project for the kids
  • Book Review: “Who Do You Think You Are? :  The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History”

I tried to keep it diverse and not to “talky”.  I hope this piques your interest and you check back here next week to participate in the discussion.


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