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Musings of a Sports Widow

on March 21, 2012

Sometimes I think I could have started a blog with the same title as this post and this week is a perfect example of why.  I think I have said before, but just in case, we live in Colorado and there is big news going on in our little sports universe.  For those of you who may live under a rock, Peyton Manning just signed as the Broncos new quarterback replacing “Tebow Mania”.  Though the conversation surrounding Tebow and where his future lies is now its own drama.  In addition to this, the Avalanche, our professional hockey team, are making a late season push for the playoffs with only a couple of weeks left in the regular season.

Now, 6 years ago I would have been one of those people living under a rock.  Back then I couldn’t care less about professional sports.  I had played volleyball and softball in high school so I wasn’t necessarily immune to the pull of sports, but after high school, the just wasn’t there for me anymore.  When I was in college, if I went home on the weekend of the Superbowl, I would leave on Sunday before it started to get back up to the dorm to catch the “Charmed” marathon they would play at the same time.  I know, I was a dork.

Fast forward a bit…and enter Jay.  The love of my life and someone who makes it impossible to ignore the sports world.  His parents have season tickets to the Broncos games…which we are the ones using usually.  He writes for a Broncos blog in his free time.  His default channels are NFL Network, ESPN, and Altitude (by the way, he gave up cord cutting and reinstated DirecTV not for me who hated it, but because he wanted to keep up with things going on).  I consider myself lucky that his passion lies only for football and hockey.  These two take enough of his attention that I don’t know what I would do if he cared more about basketball or baseball (we do love the Rockies, it is just more passively) or anything else.

The funny thing is…I don’t seem to mind it too much anymore.  Oh he pushes his luck sometimes, like when he tries to justify going up to Broncos training camp on our son’s birthday or our anniversary (he didn’t).  But mostly it is stuff I have learned to live with and actually find endearing now.  He even managed to suck me in too.  He used my über competitive nature to get me into fantasy football where you just can’t help but learn things.  This definitely helped pique my interest and he tells his friends to do this to get their wives interested in sports, but it wasn’t the only reason.  I think I realized early on that this was a major part of who Jay was and unless I wanted to find myself missing out on this part of him, I better get interested too.  So I did.  At least enough to keep up a conversation and develop my own opinions.  Six years ago I could barely tell the difference between offense and defense and now I can tell you why Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller will break your quarterback and that Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog are the future of the Avs.  I still throw out a “shooty thing” or a “tackley guy” every once in a while (mostly to annoy him), but for the most part, I can keep up on my own now.

There are sometimes downsides to his passion for these sports, but there are also upsides too.  Last night we got to go the Avalanche game with another couple and it was a blast.  The Avs won thus keeping their playoff dreams alive, and I got to spend some really great quality time with my husband…with no children…which is a rare occurrence indeed.  And I don’t think I have been to anything as exciting as last year’s Denver /Pittsburgh playoff game which ended in overtime with a Tebow miracle pass and a victory.

When I started this post, I think that I was going in a different direction than when I ended.  I could definitely complain about the time Josh devotes to sports sometimes, but really, I am glad that I am mostly able to share time and excitement with him and in the end, that seems infinitely more important.


3 responses to “Musings of a Sports Widow

  1. cricketmuse says:

    I am a rock dweller. I care not for professional sports and I am oblivious to it all. You are a true sport (ha–didn’t realize the pun) to accompany your hubby and to join in his pursuit. Good luck on your weight loss commitment. I am determined to shed a few pounds myself; however, my progress is slowed by birthday celebration dinners and the calling of cinnamon buns when I pass through the bakery to check out. Diligence and determination cannot be exclusive components.
    Thanks for stopping by on my “Greek to Me” posting,
    Blue Skies,

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks for the good luck on the weight loss. It has been a struggle all my life, but it is definitely time to figure it out. It helps to have my husband trying to lose weight as well. He can give me dirty looks when I try to sneak something not so good in the grocery cart and vice versa. I love reading your blog too. I am an historian and a great lover of books so your blog gives me a little pick me up when I read it.

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