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Check In Time

on March 19, 2012

Apparently I jinxed myself last week when I wrote about being excited for our new elliptical because that very night as my husband was working out, it broke.  This itsy bitsy little clip that holds the foot pedal on broke and it took us 4 days to get it figured out.  So, I still didn’t get my full week of working out, but I really kept a leash on my calorie count and it turned out pretty well.  I was even able to budget for St. Patrick’s Day so I didn’t feel bad about enjoying all that Irish food.

It has been 4 weeks since I first started on this journey and I am happy to say that since then, I am down 8 pounds.  It may not seem like a lot in a month, but I have to say that I am happy with how things are going.  The first couple of weeks were very difficult.  Nothing seemed to be happening and I was becoming super frustrated.  But now, I finally feel progress is being made and is going to keep being made.  I mentioned my short term goal was to be down 10 pounds by Easter, but I have revised that a bit.  My new goal is to be down to 325 by Easter.  So, I have exactly 3 weeks to lose another 7 pounds.  I am sure I can do this and if I work really hard I may even be able to get down to 320 which would help me even further towards my medium term goal of being down to 300 pounds by the middle of May when I head back to West Virginia for my brother’s graduation.  I have my long term goal, but I really am seeing the value of short and medium term goals.  It gives you something a bit more attainable to strive for…points along the way you can reward yourself for the hard work.  I am actually looking forward to next week’s weigh in just to see how well I am doing.


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