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Cutting the Cord: I Think I May Have Let My Husband Go Too Far This Time

on March 5, 2012

About a month ago my husband came to me with this brilliant idea (brilliant to him anyways) on cutting our satellite bill.  It wasn’t cutting our package size…oh no, that apparently wouldn’t be enough.  He had come to the conclusion that we should “cut the cord” and completely get rid of the satellite.

I hope that my husband doesn't see this post.

Our TV viewing would now come down to what we can watch via Netflix streaming and what he can download from online (which is pretty much anything).  For living in the second biggest city in Colorado, we have surprisingly few choices for cable/satellite.  There is over the air which is about 6 channels, Comcast, which is the devil, and satellite which is fine but expensive.  Because of the lack choices available, I reluctantly agreed to this cord cutting idea on a trial basis.  I think that I may have shot myself in the foot because I don’t think that we are ever going back whether I want to or not.  All he talks about now are media servers and programs for downloading shows and blah blah blah…this is usually where I start to tune out.  Stupid internet and the ideas it puts in his head.  If your husband spends a great deal of time on a site called Reddit and starts talking about r/cord cutting…beware!!

I have to say, my husband is a brilliant computer guy (I know that was very technical of me).  He can build a computer from parts in a few hours and I have COMPLETE FAITH in him when it comes to this sort of stuff.  HOWEVER, there is a side effect of this idea that he didn’t foresee and that he doesn’t have to deal with…ten million episodes of Caillou!  Kids want to watch the same thing over and over to start with but when you take away the fact that a show changes and another comes on — when there are 70 episodes of Caillou literally at his fingertips (Lord help me he knows how to run the PlayStation remote), all there is left is for mommy to have a breakdown.  I guess on the plus side we are watching less TV.

So, I come to my fellow mommies and other readers with a plea.  If there are any of you out there who have gone through cord cutting and find that it is working just fine in your house, please let me know how you do it.  If I have to watch too many more episodes of Caillou, I fear my eyes may start bleeding.


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