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Staying Motivated With Glass Rocks!

on February 12, 2012

I think that one of the key aspects to trying to lose weight is staying motivated.  This is something that has definitely been Lacking in previous attempts at weight loss for me.  So this time around I am trying to find little things to help keep me going and hold me a bit more accountable.  This blog for instance, makes me really want to stay on track so that I don’t have to say one week that I didn’t lose any weight or worse gained some.  This past week, I came across something that I think will be another little motivating tool.  Glass jars to keep track of how much weight you want to lose  and how much you have lost.  This is a simple idea and a super simple project to complete.  While simple, I do think it will help.  So here it is: weight tracking jars (not very exciting, but I don’t know exactly what else to call them.)

What you Need:

  1.  Two glass jars —  Whatever you want or will match your decor.  They can be mismatched or the same, you can buy them or recycle from pickle jars.  I bought 2 jars at my local Hobby Lobby that matched and I thought were fun.
  2. Glass rocks or some other group of things you could use to as a counting tool (buttons, seashells, regular rocks, etc…)
  3. Scrapbooking letter stickers.  You could use paint or a permanent marker but the stickers make it so easy.

Make sure your jars are clean and that you  have removed all labels or stickers.  Little side note on the jars, if you think that the jar is too small, it probably isn’t.  I had to take my first jars back to the store because when I put my glass rocks into them they only filled about a quarter of the jar.  So I took them back and got two sizes smaller of the same jar and there was still plenty of room in them.  And I had to put 160 rocks in the first one.

Once your jars are ready, grab your letter stickers and start spelling out your words.  On the first jar, I put “Pounds to Lose” and on the second one “Pounds Lost”.  As a little thing just for me, I used the stickers to put my starting weight on the bottom of the “Pounds to Lose” jar and my goal weight on the bottom of the “Pounds Lost” jar.

Finally, count out enough glass rocks or whatever you are using for how many pounds you are looking to lose and put them in the “Pounds to Lose” jar.  Now you can transfer your rocks to help you keep track of your weight loss and to give you a physical goal to work towards.  How awesome will it be to take the last rock out of the “Pounds to Lose” jar and put it into the “Pounds Lost” jar!!

I am keeping my jars on the counter in the bathroom where I put my makeup on, do my hair, and weigh myself so they are a reminder of to keep me going.  As I lose weight I have something visual (besides my own body, hopefully) to keep me motivated.  I am pretty sure that I do not want to have to take rocks out of the “Pounds Lost ” jar and put them back in the “Pounds to Lose” jar.


3 responses to “Staying Motivated With Glass Rocks!

  1. This was a great blog! Keep it up!

  2. aumkleem says:

    Excellent idea! Great visual way to see what is happening

    • Katie says:

      Thanks! Seeing the numbers on the scale go down is always nice, but there is something even more satisfying about moving those little glass rocks from one jar to the other.

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