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Weighing In…Let the Journey Begin!

on February 9, 2012

Okay, so even though I know that there is no one reading the blog as of yet, the prospect of talking about how much I weigh is more than a little terrifying. However, I am hoping that the terrifying aspect is just what I need to help stay on track.

My story starts literally at the beginning. I have been overweight for the better part of my life. In first grade, my teacher had two t-shirts she was going to give to people in our class and I got one and my best friend at the time got the other because the shirts were bigger sizes and we were the two biggest kids in class. At the time I remember being so excited to have gotten a new t-shirt. Now, I realize that it probably wasn’t a great thing (okay, it was definitely a bad thing.) Things didn’t change too much as I continued up through school. In high school, I played volleyball, softball, and was in the marching band and while I may have dropped a couple of pounds during their respective seasons, it was nothing major and nothing that lasted. College didn’t bring major weight gain, but it added enough.

By the end of my four years there, I was convinced that I would never find a man who would love me for the way I was. Yes, looking back, it was fairly irrational on my part, but when you get bombarded with alumni, all you hear are stories of people who met their spouse while at college and I hadn’t even been on a date in four years. It was more than a bit disconcerting. It led me to do the one thing I didn’t think that I would ever do. I joined an online dating site (actually a couple of them). Being overweight and putting yourself out there in this sort of forum didn’t help with self-esteem, but I will never regret it because I did meet my husband this way and today we are very happy with two beautiful children.

So, I find myself at the age of 29 and happy with almost everything about my life…except my weight. I know in my head that it isn’t going to get easier to lose weight as I get older so if I want to do it and make sure I live to see my children grow up, then I need to do it now. I have tried several different things to lose weight but not with good results and in truth I probably didn’t put in the effort I could or should have. So here I am now, ready to work hard at this and also writing about the trials and tribualtions of losing weight in the hopes of shedding a few (or a lot) pounds along way.

Well, here it is…today I weighed in at 336.4 pounds. My goal weight is 180 so only…156 pounds to lose. Easy, right? Well, now it is out there in the universe so let the journey begin!

Please feel free to share your story with me and we can go on this journey together.


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